• A sustainable future with hydrogen technology and energy.



  • HTEC’s mission is to unlock hydrogen’s potential to reduce pollution and climate change by building hydrogen supply solutions and station networks to support the roll-out of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Core Values

HTEC is leading through the sharing of, and adhering to, the following set of core values:

Building a Better Future

  • Strive to continuously improve upon customer satisfaction, brand awareness, product and process innovation, employee satisfaction and financial performance, while acting to reduce society’s environmental impact.

Our Space

  • Ensure and enjoy a safe, professional and well organized workplace so employees are proud to call it their own, not in danger and naturally productive.


  • Balance the health, financial and fullfilment needs of our employees with the creation of shareholder value and our impact upon the environment.

Attitude is Everything

  • Encourage and ensure collaboration, new ideas, fun, a supportive environment, open and honest communications, the job gets done and we celebrate of successes. 

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North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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