• A sustainable future with hydrogen technology and energy.



  • HTEC’s mission is to unlock hydrogen’s potential to reduce pollution and climate change by building hydrogen supply solutions and station networks to support the roll-out of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Core Values

HTEC is leading through the sharing of, and adhering to, the following set of core values:

Pioneering - for the Planet

 i.    We accept it’s tough trying to change the world for the better.

 ii.   We want to apply our innovative ideas, energy and skills to the pursuit of a low-carbon future.

 iii.  We challenge the status quo in pursuit of better solutions.

Balanced - is Best

 i.   We work hard to get the job done, and, balance the demands of work, life and a sustainable environment.

 ii.  We speak up with differing opinions and recognize the value of diversity.

 iii. We are quietly confident, openly humble, support each other, and, step up to lead when needed.

Attitude - is Everything

 i.   We recognize the best safety program is when everyone has the right attitude.

 ii.  We are dedicated to delivering on our promises.

 iii. We see challenges as opportunities.

 iv. We have fun and celebrate success.