H2 Technology Solutions

Our Hydrogen Technology Solutions platform draws on our deep industry experience, know-how, and technologies to provide customized hydrogen production, processing, distribution and vehicle fueling solutions for our infrastructure platform and other clients.

We have a suite of key technologies to help us do this:

1. Clean Hydrogen Production & Processing

  • By-Product Hydrogen Purification

  • Renewable Electrolysis Station Integration/Optimization

2. Advanced Distribution/Logistics

  • Advanced Hydrogen Deliver Systems

  • Logistics Optimization Software

3. Fueling Stations/Networks

  • Retail Station Design

  • Containerized Station Design

We sell technical services including:

  • design and development services

  • equipment for hydrogen purification compression and processing

  • safety training and programs

  • risk analysis

  • market development support

We are continually expanding our suite of technologies and our internal expertise so we can provide better solutions that are world-leading, cost-effective and reliable.

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