About HTEC

We started the HTEC journey more than 13 years ago and have gained invaluable experience in hydrogen production, distribution and fueling stations that give us several competitive advantages in our space.


We’re building retail hydrogen fueling stations today. This includes the first retail station in Canada (in Vancouver, BC) and stations in Burnaby and North Vancouver, as well as one in Silicon Valley. The stations are timed to support our network growth plans and the growing number of FCEVs rolling out on North American roads.

We’ve got an industry track record and great relationships. Selling hydrogen for transportation and retail fueling stations is relatively new and, having worked in the space since 2005, HTEC is a front-runner in the transition to hydrogen-fueled transportation infrastructure. We have the advantage of existing relationships with governments, oil companies, industrial gas companies, equipment suppliers and automakers – including Shell, Hyundai, Toyota, and Air Liquide.


Our business is about creating solutions for the supply of hydrogen to new retail fuel markets and existing wholesale markets. Our two growth platforms - Hydrogen Infrastructure and Hydrogen Technology Solutions – will allow us to scale rapidly to service the rapidly expanding domestic and global markets.

HTEC's BC Hydrogen Fueling Station Network

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North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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