Station Status

The maps below shows current operating status of our stations in British Columbia. Need help filling up? See our tips at the bottom of the page.

Stations are open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Project Status

Fully Operational

Project Status

Limited Supply

Project Status

Currently Unavailable

Last updated: 7/24/2024 1:10 PM

Need help filling up?

How to Fill Up

Incomplete Fill?

Connecting the Nozzle

The Hydrogen Nozzle

No Receipt?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide printed receipts as the dispenser design does not allow for a printer.

You can have your receipt sent to you by entering your email when prompted during the filling process.

If you did not receive your receipt please contact with the time and station you filled at

No Receipt?

Nozzle is Stuck?