Hydrogen and
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

There’s a growing global need to decarbonise the energy we use for transportation, industry, homes, and workplaces. Hydrogen is part of the solution.

Hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)

  • Eliminate vehicle tailpipe emissions – greenhouse gases and urban smog.
  • Allow for highly efficient use of energy.
  • Enable a number of low-carbon-intensity transportation fuel supply pathways.

Key Features of hydrogen FCEVs.


Enjoy an electric motor and drive train for a quiet, smooth, and powerful ride


Similar to a gasoline vehicle: 500+ kilometres between fills

Refill Time

About three to five minutes to fill the tank

Cold & Heat

From below zero to desert-like conditions  with no impact to performance


Nothing but water vapour from the tailpipe

How does a hydrogen FCEV work?

Where does hydrogen come from?

Find a hydrogen station in BC.

It’s easy to fill up with hydrogen!

Hydrogen is Safe!

50+ years of safe industrial use

Millions of metric tons safely produced annually

More than one million fills annually

More than 10 million miles of safe, on-road hydrogen FCEV experience

Vehicles and infrastructure are designed with safety in mind

Globally accepted and enforced codes, standards, and fueling protocols


Lighter than air