Fortescue and HTEC to Work Towards Building Canada’s First Multi-Use Export and Domestic Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

29 Nov 2023 | News Feed, Uncategorized

Fortescue, a global green energy, metals, and technology company, and Vancouver-based HTEC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop offtake opportunities for green hydrogen.

The deal will see Fortescue and HTEC work together to explore building Canada’s first domestic green hydrogen supply chain that is co-located with an export facility in British Columbia (BC), while generating significant economic activity, jobs, and training opportunities.

Fortescue is proposing the development of a green hydrogen and green ammonia production facility in Prince George. An Initial Project Description was filed with the BC Environmental Assessment Office in September 2023.

Under the terms of the MOU, HTEC would offtake green hydrogen from Fortescue’s site to facilitate the growth of the green hydrogen transportation market.

Fortescue Canada Country Manager, Stephen Appleton, said, “this is a big step towards building Canada’s first domestic green hydrogen supply chain, which will not only help meet ambitious emissions targets, but also generate significant economic activity, jobs and training opportunities.”

“We commend the governments of Canada and British Columbia for their vision to establish a globally-significant green hydrogen sector and look forward to continuing our discussions with them toward securing this investment.”

HTEC President and CEO, Colin Armstrong, said, “As the company that built Canada’s first hydrogen fueling station network, HTEC is pleased to work with Fortescue Energy to maximize the domestic emissions reduction potential of its proposed BC production facility.

“This MOU would support HTEC’s growing network of hydrogen fueling stations with a reliable, domestic source of zero emission hydrogen.”

Specific details of the offtake commitments will be defined during the negotiation of definitive agreements and will be subject to the feasibility assessment and final investment decisions of both parties with respect to the production facility and HTEC’s hydrogen fueling station network in BC.

Both parties are working on local market development to maximize the domestic emissions reduction potential of the project. This work is well underway, aimed at securing strategic partnerships with utilities, heavy-industry, fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, and technology providers to ensure that all key elements of the hydrogen value chain are present to support both parties’ initiatives.

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 About Fortescue

Fortescue is focused on becoming the number 1 integrated green energy, metals and technology company, recognised for its culture, innovation and industry-leading development of infrastructure, mining assets and green energy initiatives.It operates with two divisions – Metals and Energy.
Fortescue is committed to producing green hydrogen, containing zero carbon, from renewable electricity.
Green hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel that, when used, produces primarily water. It is a practical and implementable solution that can help revolutionise the way we power our planet: helping to decarbonise heavy industry and create jobs globally.

Fortescue is leading the green industrial revolution, building a global portfolio of renewable green hydrogen and green ammonia projects, while also leading the global effort to help decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors. This includes developing and acquiring the technology and energy supply to help decarbonise the Australian iron ore operations of one of the world’s largest producers of iron ore, Fortescue Metals, by 2030 (Scope 1 and 2 terrestrial emissions).

About HTEC

HTEC works across the clean hydrogen value chain, providing hydrogen energy solutions to enable the transportation sector’s transition to a low-carbon future. The company designs, builds, owns, and operates hydrogen fuel production, infrastructure and supply solutions to support the deployment of hydrogen electric light-medium- and heavy-duty transportation.

The company currently has more than 20 stations at various stages of operations, development, and planning in Canada and 5 stations in operation in BC.